Booty Bands: Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt 3 Pack Set by ARENA. Hip Circle Band Set, Perfect Workout Band Resistance. Workout Program and Carry Case Included.

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Manufacturer Description


HIGHEST QUALITY, DURABLE BOOTY FABRIC BANDS: We have tested our bands with thousands of women and have ensured they will never break, roll or stretch out. When you buy our bands you are buying quality and they will last for years. Perfect for Glute Training or at home workouts!

USE EVERY STRENGTH LEVEL WITH FULL MOTION: The resistance levels of each booty fabric band is from the fabric strength, not the size meaning that each booty fabric band stays in place around your legs. You will get the full resistance range of motion. Most fabric resistance band sets vary the resistance by giving you larger or smaller bands which are too loose or too tight. Each resistance level of our bands is the perfect size so they can all be used in your workouts.

COMPREHENSIVE BAND WORKOUT PROGRAM: We have spent hundreds of hours with the best trainers in the USA to create a 33-page Workout Guide and full training videos. We teach you exactly what exercises are the most effective, show you the correct techniques, and provide you with a full at-home or gym workout routine. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete we promise to build that peach. You'll love our Workout Plan.


  • THREE Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt: Each is 3.15 inches wide and 13.6 inches in loop size.
  • Gray-Easiest-Perfect starter band, and ideal for wide stance movements like sumo squats/ lunges
  • Pink- Medium: Perfect progression band as you get stronger and ideal for hip thrusts & kick-backs
  • Black- Heavy: Perfect for those wanting serious booty burn and ideal for deadlifts
  • Printed Workout Guide and Online Training Videos
  • Waterproof Travel Carry Case
  • Money Back Guarantee & 12 Month Band Warranty

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Product Features

LIFT, SHAPE, SCULPT & TONE YOUR BOOTY & LEGS: Our booty band program will help you get your perfect booty and legs fast. Easy to use and see results with just 10 minutes a day. Perfect for the gym, home and programs like 80 Day Obsession. Workout Program included with best booty building exercises to strengthen and tone your legs, thighs and butt. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, our bands will help you see results. COMPLETE SET OF 3: Our fabric booty bands come in 3 different strength levels (light, medium, heavy), plus a Travel Carry Case. Most band sets vary the resistance by giving you larger or smaller bands (often this means they are too loose or too tight). Our bands however are the same size but the strength level of each fabric is different. This means you receive the full range of motion rather than having a loose "easy" band or a "tight" heavy band. Our bands will NEVER break. FULL WORKOUT PROGRAM + TRAINING VIDEOS + CARRY CASE: We provide a comprehensive 33- page printed Workout Program and Carry Case with every set. We created our guide with expert booty building coaches so you'll learn the best exercises for booty building and leg training. We provide a full program for gym and home workouts. We also have full training videos online for all customers. NO SLIDING/ ROLLING/ BREAKING: Our bands have been specifically designed to never roll, slide, or break. Tested with thousands of women of all shapes, sizes and strengths. Our bands are incredibly comfortable so you can use them with bare skin. We have sewn inner grip strips inside the bands which keep the bands in place during any exercises from Kick Backs to Squats. We offer a 12 Month Warranty and Money Back Guarantee on every order. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + 12 MONTH WARRANTY + WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS + REAL RESULTS: Full money back guarantee on every order and a 12-month replacement warranty. We are a female owned and run business. We have amazing customer reviews and results. Check out the video reviews below and on Instagram @arena.strength. Just 10 minutes a day will strengthen your glutes and legs to give you a perky booty and lean strong body. They will also help reduce back pain.

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