Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench - Stand Yoga Chair for Family, Gym - Wood and PU Pads - Relieve Fatigue and Build Up Body

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Manufacturer Description

Product Description:

The design of a yoga inverted stool conforms to the principle of ergonomics,let everyone be easily inverted.U-shaped pads and t-pads make our shoulders and head more comfortable when we stand upside down. The frame is designed according to the physical engineering, and can be used safely.

Brand Name?Desire Life
Product Name?Yoga stool
Color?White/ Black
Material?The base is made of wood,The mat is made of PU and sponge
Product packaging size: 680*385*160mm or 26.8*15.2*6.3inch
Product size:630*380*400mm or 24.50*15*15.40inch
Net weight: 4.6kg or 10.14 pounds
Gross weight: 5.2kg or 11.46 pounds
Bearing weight:150kg(330 pounds)
Scope of use of products?yoga studio; bedroom; balcony; office; gym; outdoor

Why do everyone like to stand upside down?
?Relieve fatigue
?Promote sleep
?The circulation of the blood
?Relax the bones
?Relax the waist and neck
?Strengthen the body
?Health care keeping in good health
?Shaping the body

Attention to handstand:
?Please keep the activity area open and clean
?It is not suitable to do in 2 hours of dinner or after drinking water
?Please take protective measures for your first try.make sure there are people assistance or wall protection in front of you
?You might feel dizzy the first time you try to stand upside down.please do not stand for too long!
?control the time you stand upside down.If you feel uncomfortable,please stop immediately!
?Patients with hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, should be used under the guidance of the doctor

Product Features

BEST CHOICE:Yoga stool handstand can relieve the worry, social life rhythm is fast, the body of sub-health population increase,Inverted need to consume a lot of energy,It can lose weight just like other sports, it can also help the body's blood circulation, improve blood supply to the head.Inverted five minutes is equivalent to two hours of sleep UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL DESIGN:The yogic inverted bench is ergonomically designed and has a novel design. The conventional handstand needs arm to support the entire body. This inverted stool can assist the handstand, support the weight through the shoulder, and make the handstand more simple. It is the first choice for beginner yoga invaders. Simple structure, easy to carry and popular with yoga enthusiasts COMFORTABLE SECURE:Compared with the steel frame, it is made of more environmentally friendly solid wood materials, and the framework is also designed according to the physical engineering, with super pressure resistance;It also has a high-density PU sponge cushion to make you more comfortable when you upside down MORE FEATURES:Yoga handstand bench not only helps us stand upside down, but also helps us to do other yoga exercises, such as waist exercise, leg exercise, hip movement and many other yoga positions. When we have a rest time, we can even use it as a sofa and a shoe replacement stool, a stool is multi-purpose RELIABLE GUARANTEE:The quality of the products is 100% believed, our yoga bench is built for continuous construction, which is why we have added five years of customer warranty. If anything happens in the first two years, we'll replace it with a new yoga bench. There are no strings attached to solve the customer's problems