MMA Boxing Training Resistance Band Set Enhance Explosive Power Strength Training Equipment for Muay Thai,Karate Combat,Fitness,Basketball,Volleyball,Football Men&Women Provide of Customized Service

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Manufacturer Description

We are professional manufacturer, we pay more attention to the workmanship and also the raw material.All of our products are thoroughly tested before we ship them out to you.And each resistance band made of 100% Malaysia natural latex.
Extended pad can protect legs away from being wore by the hasp.
Protection with the extra sleeves based on resistance tubes, you never need to worry about getting injured or get whipped if unlikely the resistance tube snaps during using.
Adjustable range of THE WAISTBAND IS FORM 27.5 INCEES TO 44 INCHES.
Lower limbs resistance tube is 10 inches, and it can be stretched to 60 inches.Upper limb resistance tube is 8 inches, and it can be stretched to 47.5 inches.

This product plays a very positive training role in boxing training, optimize your exercise routine today with this quality set of resistance bands that can be increase training intensity to meet your exercise goals easily,such as MMA,boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai, Judo, karate, fitness, basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, to enhance the leg and arm strength of any action or participate in any movement to promote jumping, speed and strength, build strength and explosive power as you take your physical skill to the next level.

Choose the level that best suits your strength level:
The Camo fire red and Camo marine blue resistance band is an average pull strength, especially for beginners , who want to work in the endurance range and light weight training.
The Camo army green and Camo sand-yellow resistance band is recommended for advanced and practiced users.

Package Included:
3 x Leg resistance ropes.
2 x Arm resistance ropes.
2 x Adjustable ankle straps.
2 x Adjustable wrist straps.
1 x Adjustable waistband.
1x Carry bag.

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Product Features

ACHIEVEMENT OF MANY TRAINING OBJECTIVES:INNSTAR boxing training resistance band set can enhance the explosive force of the arms, legs and waist, enhance the movement speed and agility, improve the speed and strength of punching and kicking, and improve the control of body balance. Your body load and training intensity can be increased to improve training efficiency. EASY TO REMOVE,INSTALL AND ADJUST: generally, all accessories (10) of this boxing resistance training equipment can be worn or disassembled within two minutes and thirty seconds. The belt, wristband, foot ring and its foot strap of this equipment can be adjusted. The adjustment range is suitable for most people. USING METHOD: 2 wrist straps+2 arm resistance band +waistband for upper body training;2 ankle straps +2 leg resistance band +waistband for squat and kicking training;2 ankle straps +3 leg resistance bands +waistband for Comprehensive training of legs;2 ankle straps +1 leg resistance band for lateral movement or side kicktraining etc. put on all thoes boxing resistance band to conduct whole body resistance training.You can discover more training ways with your daily training program. DURABLE,SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: 5 mm thickened soft mats are provided inside belt, wristband and foot ring. All hasps are made of 5 mm extra thick special steel. It can withstand far more force than maximum resistance of the resistance tube. APPLICABLE RANGE?resistance training for MMA,boxing, Sanda, taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, Jeet kune do, karate, fitness, basketball, volleyball, football, soccer and other sports.

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