Posture Corrector for Men and Women - Back Straightener for Clavicle Support - Upper Back Brace Providing Pain Relief for Neck, Back & Shoulders - for Everyday Use in Office, Home and Gym

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Manufacturer Description

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, working at a desk or doing a manual labor job and even our daily contact with technology can lead to poor posture and negative side effects:

- Back pain
- Shoulder pain
- Text neck or neck pain
- Spasms, pinches or headaches
- Decreased confidence
- Mood swings

Reversing bad posture and common posture mistakes starts with the shoulders. This is why our unisex posture corrector works as a reminder to pull your shoulder blades back and down.

Start by wearing the padded posture corrector for women and men for 15 - 20 mins and gradually increase the time to 2 hours. Wear it underneath your clothing around the house or in the office.

Most people feel a marked difference very soon, as the brace reduces back pain. Retracting your shoulders and rebuilding your muscles will help you attain and maintain your good posture.


Can I sleep with my new posture corrector on?
No, you shouldn't sleep with your posture corrector. The posture corrector can't function properly when you are lying. Sleeping with your posture corrector on might cause an injury.

Can I wear this posture corrector underneath my clothes?
Yes, you can wear your posture corrector over or under clothing. In fact, we recommend wearing the posture corrector over a T-shirt or shirt to avoid rubbing or irritating the skin.

How does the posture corrector help me improve my posture?
One of the key contributors to a bad posture is slumped shoulders. Our posture corrector reminds you to retract your shoulders back and down, which improves the posture and back pain.

Product Features

ADJUSTABLE AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Our back straightener posture corrector comes with front adjustment straps and pads to help you correct your body posture, get rid of the neck hump also known as kyphosis and dowager's hump, and in general increase your total body wellness. THE SMART WAY TO KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT AND SHOULDERS BACK: Bad posture can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain. The clavicle brace corrects the bad habit of slumping your shoulders forward and provides relief on your back. BUILD YOUR GOOD POSTURE GRADUALLY: The forward head posture corrector reminds you to retract your shoulders. This orthopedic backhelper device stimulates the muscles to maintain the natural curve of your thoracic spine. INVISIBLE & UNDETECTABLE UNDER CLOTHES: No need to feel self-conscious about wearing our postural brace. Our adjustable design is discreet enough to wear under your shirt or blouse. You can wear it at work while sitting, home or out and no one will know you have it on. PREMIUM QUALITY SOFT AND BREATHABLE FABRIC : Featuring strong but lightweight breathable washable materials and a cutting-edge front loading design means you will stay cool while promoting proper posture. Get there with a little help from our fda approved posture corrector!

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