Workout Training Mask + FREE Jump Rope| High Altitude Elevation Simulation [16 Adjustable Levels]- For HIIT Endurance Training, Gym, Cardio, Running, Sports, Fitness- Comfy Fit [UNIVERSAL SIZE]

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Manufacturer Description

Push Your Training Sessions &Mental Toughness To The Next Level With A Lodos Elevation Breathing Mask!
Do you want every workout to be ...
... greater?
... tougher?
... extra focused?
... more effective?
.. convenient?
... stronger than ever?

If so, then a Lodos training elevation mask will fit the bill. Order yours today and toughen up your workouts!

Challenge Your Mental & Physical World! Maximize Your Cardiovascular & Respiratory Fitness!
Whether you are looking for ways to spice things up at the gym, powering up your stamina, training to be a firefighter or getting ready to crash your next HIIT cardio workout, this elevation breather mask is a keeper.

Our endurance masks are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly around your head without ever obstructing your vision. Worry no more about masks sliding down your faceduring your intense cardio workouts. Worry no more about poor breathing adjustability either.

This mask has 16 intensity levels to choose from, based on your needs. Change level even on the go. We made it that simple for you. Ideal for women and men, professional athletes, trainers and anyone who wishestooutperform their competitors.

The Lodos Training Elevation Mask Is Perfect If You Are Into...
?... MMA, UFC, wrestling and boxingtraining.
?... weight and power lifting.
?... running, bike ridingand motocross.
?, baseball, basketballand other sports.
?... hiit workouts, cardio, squats, lunges and more.
?... tactical and military training.

What are you waiting for? Get your deluxe Lodos pack today and start training seriously tomorrow!

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Product Features

BREAK YOUR OWN PERSONAL RECORDS: Skyrocket your workouts both indoors and outdoors with a Lodos elevation training mask added to your training sessions. Control the amount of the oxygen that is going into your body, improve your overall fitness, make everyone wonder and take your training routine to the next level. COMFY WEARING -UNISEX DESIGN/ UNIVERSAL SIZE: Forget all those bulky and inconvenient to wear breathing masks. Forget about making your workouts ever harder than they already are. Our elevation masks are compact, lightweight, comfortable and easily portable. Put a comfy Lodos train mask on and forget that you are wearing it after a while! BREATHE HARDER -TRAIN HARDER: By simulating high altitude in the comfort of you gym or home, this endurance mask is an absolute must have addition to your training arsenal. Support your lung capacity, enhance your breathing pace,train harder than ever and increase your respiratory capacity and cardiovascular ability. CHOOSE THE LEVEL OF BREATHING RESISTANCE: One of the greatest things about this endurance mask, besides its premium craftsmanship and snug fit around your face, is its adjustable breathing levels. Choose the right high altitude depending on your training and fitness level. Start low and continue hard! Now you are in charge. EACH PREMIUM TRAINING PACK INCLUDES: Everything you need to make every day at the gym truly matter. Along with the deluxe training mask, you will be getting a BONUS jumping rope. Order your deluxe athletic pack today while supplies last. Or make a thoughtful gift to a gym enthusiast friend.

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